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Summer heat....needs to die

Gah. It's so hot outside. I'm not allowed to use the aircon in the computer room because my room and my parents' room both have them on -___- Anyway, last night I went to Barnes and Noble and I finally bought Chrno Crusade 8! Hooray! I have completed my collection of the series!! (with the help of Deepa and Rin lol) The ending was not what I expected...but oh well.

Girl~Power!: I seriously need to revive this site. There is no way in hell that I'm going to close down the first website I've ever made. <.<; What it needs is a new image. Grrr. I'm starting to think I should change the site name. Yeah, I know it's been the site's title for almost 3 years (woah...where has the time been X_x;) But eh. I'm open to suggestions I guess. But I'll think about whether or not to keep it. (grr...decisions, decisions...)

All my fanlistings except for the Rina, Yahiko, and Genius physical: GAH. I NEED TO LEARN PHPFANBASE AND/OR ENTHUSIAST DAMMIT. And I need to be hosted too...I'm tired of Freewebs -_-; I AM IN NEED OF SOME SERIOUS HELP. T___T

My collective: Will most definitely be revived once I get organized ^^
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